Declaration of Antwerp

Piraeus Bank has endorsed the Declaration of Antwerp raising the issue of refocusing the ecosystem services framework on the principles of sustainability and social justice, in the context of European Ecosystem Services Conference 2016.

B@B platform

The B@B (Business and Biodiversity) provides an EU level forum for sustained and strategic dialogue about the links between business and biodiversity. Through three separate thematic workstreams (Natural Capital Accounting, Innovation for Biodiversity and Business and Finance workstream), the Platform aims to develop tools and approaches that integrate biodiversity considerations into business practice. The B@B Platform also helps to coordinate and to raise awareness of innovative national and international initiatives, and showcase business best practices at EU level.

LIFE-Stymfalia participates in the platform with Observer Status.

For further information: http://ec.europa.eu/environment/biodiversity/business/index_en.htm


Piraeus Bank participates in the development of an EU Community of Practice Finance and Biodiversity (EU CoP F@B). 

Read the mission statement and find about the new european initiative for the protection of biodiversity.