Aim - Objectives

In recent years, the wetland of Stymphalia has been significantly degraded. Covered by dense reeds and without any management plan for the area, the result was the unsustainable use of its natural resources and the reduction of life in the Lake.


The aim of the project is the restoration of Lake Stymphalia and its long-term protection and management, through a systematic re-financing process, which will be ensured by the utilization of the reeds’ biomass removed from the wetland and the area’s unexploited biomass from agriculture residues.


1. Enhancement of the conservation status of target-species and their habitats.
2. Institutional protection of the Natura 2000 site, through the development of a management plan and action plans for the target-species and their habitats.
3. Raising awareness of residents and especially the farmers that use the area, regarding the project and the anticipated benefits.
4. Planning of actions by the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation in the Environment Museum of Stymphalia, in order to highlight the environmental value and the cultural landscape of Lake Stymphalia.
5. Engagement of the local community in the sustainable management of the Lake.
6. Creation of jobs, deriving from the innovative actions of the project.
7. A sustainable management system of the Natura 2000 site, which will ensure both the protection of the Lake, as well as the financial viability of its management.