Environment Museum of Stymphalia

The Environment Museum of Stymphalia, which is located in the mountainous area of the Regional Unit of Corinthia aims to show the interdependence of man and Nature and thus it focuses on their harmonious coexistence in the Stymphalian basin. The basic goals of the museum are to raise the public’s ecological awareness and preserve the knowledge relating to the region’s traditional technology. The museum’s permanent exhibition is developed in two units: the first concerns the environment in this region, while the second marks the manner in which the environment influenced the development of human activity and in particular that of traditional crafts.

The Environment Museum of Stymphalia was created by the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation, which is also responsible for its operation. It is housed in a building that was specifically designed to serve the museum’s goals, on land that was ceded by the former Municipality of Stymphalia and the local Forestry Department. The project was included in the 2000-2006 Regional Operational Programme of the Peloponnese and was funded by the Third Community Support Framework, with the contribution of Piraeus Bank.