Actions - Progress


The new 16-page pamphlet represents the results of the field work implemented from the beginning of the project and the actions that have been implemented and promoted the wider area.


The education mobile kit is completed, together with the audiovisual material. The educational material of the environmental suitcase “Mission..Stymphalia” was sent for approval to the Ministry of Education.

The 4nd newsletter of LIFE-Stymfalia project describes the last semester’s achievements aiming at the restoration of Lake Stymphalia, as well as the next steps for the following period.

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The thematic exhibition "6th labor"essentially connected with the dynamic progress of LIFE-Stymfalia project was enhanced after the second reed cut (January 2017) with the latest exhibits. With the installation of the last section, the exhibition aims to lead the visitors outside the Museum so they can experience the cultural landscape of the protected area.